From the Principal

We had a wonderful presentation from Mrs Catchole’s class at our last assembly. They sang a terrific song about respect, and how important it is to be respectful towards ourselves and each other.

When we respect ourselves, we look after the bodies God has given to us, our minds and thoughts. We are careful what we eat and drink, develop effective cleanliness habits and take rests to let our cells heal and replenish themselves. These rests are often referred to in the bible as sabbaths.

When we respect others we treat parents, families, friends and neighbours God has given us, with courtesy, politeness, and kindness. Respecting others means encouraging others to express their opinions and ideas, listening to what others have to say before expressing our own viewpoint.

At ACC we encourage the children to respect themselves and each other wherever they are. At home the children can practice by respecting their parents. They can also work at respecting other family members. What I found is, “when I respect others, I usually get respect in return”.

God said, “Each of you must respect your mother and father, and you must observe my Sabbaths.”
Leviticus 19:3

Social and Emotional Well Being

This month, our school wide theme is “our school as a welcoming place where every student feels like he or she belongs”. In our morning announcements and school assembly, we’ve been reminding students to welcome others by act and speak in safe, respectful and responsible ways. In addition, we are reminding students of our school rules.

We’ve also begun teaching Second Step program which includes lessons that support these behaviours.

Support your child at home by welcoming others, acting and speaking in safe, respectful and responsible ways. Please tell your child’s teacher if you have any questions about specific ways to help your child with these behaviours at home.

Parents and Friends (P&F) - Mon 18th Mar

Parents are a vital part of ACC. The foundation of a successful school community is

cooperation between the school and parents. A key part of this partnership is Parents and Friends Association. This group meets twice a term to discuss how best to support our ACC community.

During February P&F information evening, there were a lot of fantastic ideas about how parents can support each other and gain a great community feel.

Our next P&F meeting will be the Annual General Meeting (AGM) where we will be voting in a 2019 President, Secretary and Treasurer.

If you think you have the skills to undertake one of these roles, please let Mrs Burrage know. There is opportunity to be voted in, even if you are unable to attend this meeting.

ACC Playgroup

Jiggle Bugs is the name of Australian Christian College Darling Downs Playgroup.

Jiggle Bugs now has two groups. The first group called Jiggle Bugs meets every Tuesday morning and is for any child from 0-5 yrs old. Jiggle Bugs is a place where families can come and learn through play, a warm but safe engaging in developmentally stimulating and fun environment.  

Natalee Graveson is the coordinator of this session.

Jiggle Bugs 3.0 is held on a Wednesday and is based on the needs and interests of 3 and 4 year old children, as individuals and as a group. Whilst incorporating the main developmental areas of Early Childhood Education – social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual.

You can follow the updates, and let your friends know by going to the Jiggle-Bugs Facebook page. 

Enrolments for 2019

Places for 2019 are filling up fast and we are excited about our continual growth. We hope you are excited too!

If you have a family member, friend, neighbour or colleague who has Primary aged children who would benefit from joining our incredible learning community, please let them know as we still have places left. Bring them in to meet Mrs Burrage who will be more than happy to show them around.

Latest at ACC with our ‘friendly visitors’

We had ‘friendly visitors’ and even though are young, showed bravery with a slithering snake around our neck. Encountered reptiles of different types of lizards.

Observed a dingo and koala which we stroked. For those of us who preferred to take the snake from a distance, ‘it’ was stroked too.

Coming Soon

Term Dates for 2019

Term 1: Monday 4th February to Friday 12th April

Term 2: Monday 29th April to Friday 5th July

Term 3: Monday 29th July to Friday 27th September

Term 4: Monday 14th October to Thursday 12th December

Important Dates Term 1 2019

Week 7

  • Parent/Teacher meetings (Date & Time to be arranged)
  • Monday 18th March - Friday 22nd March, Swimming Lessons for Years 3 - 6
  • Tuesday 19th March, Jigglebugs Playgroup (0-5) 9am - 10.30am

Week 8

  • Monday 25th March - Friday 29th March, Swimming Lessons for Years 3 - 6
  • Tuesday 26th March, Jigglebugs Playgroup (0-5) 9am - 10.30am
  • Wednesday 27th March, Early Learners Playgroup (3+) 9am-11am
  • Thursday 28th March, Numero Club and Year P-2 Enrichment English 3pm - 4pm

Yours in Christ,

Jacqui Burrage



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