From the Principal

Thank you to all who were able to attend our Swimming Carnival this morning; we could not have had a more pleasant day on which to hold the event. It was great to see, in particular, the younger children meeting the challenges before them.

New Principal Visit

Mrs Jacqui Burrage, who will commence as College Principal from the beginning of Term 2, will be on campus on Monday. Mrs Burrage will spend the day on campus meeting with staff and students. An opportunity is also available for parents meet with Mrs Burrage from 2.30 to 3.30pm on campus.

Swimming Lessons

Commencing next Tuesday our P-6 students will participate in a nine day swimming lesson program run at the Armadale Swimming Pool. The children will travel to and from the pool via our school bus. After the lesson, if you would like to take your child home directly from the pool, please let your child’s teacher know. Students are to wear their normal school uniform to and from school. In addition to their school bag they need to bring a waterproof bag with their swimming items in it. Please make sure all clothing items are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

What to bring: Waterproof bag, bathers, towel and goggles (optional)
Where: Armadale Swimming Pool
Lesson time: 1.15pm to 1.55pm students participate in their swimming lesson
Changing: 2.00pm to 2.15pm students change back into their school uniform
Return to school: 2.25pm bus returns students to school.

Note: Parents may pick up their children from the pool from 2.00pm.

*Please note that while swimming lessons are running during Weeks 7 and 8 after-school sport will not be run. For students who catch the after-school bus service the bus will leave campus at 3.10pm on Thursday, 16th and 23rd March.

Harmony Day Assembly & Morning Tea

This Friday morning we are running our annual Harmony Day Assembly & Morning Tea. The assembly will begin at the normal time of 9.00am and conclude with a shared morning tea for students and families. We will be having a parade with all the children at the start of the assembly.

  • Students come to school dressed in Cultural Costume
  • 8.45am - students meet in their rooms, while parents gather in the Assembly Room
  • 8.55am - students move to the Assembly Room
  • 9.00am - Harmony Day Assembly
  • 9.25am - Students return to classrooms to change into school uniform
  • 9.30am - Parents and students share in a parent provided morning tea

I ask that you may support the event in two ways:

  • Dress your child in a national costume for the morning parade
  • Supply a plate of food to share for morning tea. It would be lovely if this could be a recipe from a particular country - a label would be great!

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

John Matthews
[email protected]  

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday 14th March: Interm swimming commences (14th to 24th March, 1.15pm start)
  • Thursday 16th March: Sport training CANCELLED (due to swimming lessons)
  • Friday 17th March: Harmony Day Assembly & Morning Tea

K–1 Class

The K-1 class has been very busy over the past few weeks. In the first weeks of term we were practising for our class assembly. I am pleased to say that the assembly went extremely well and I am very proud of my whole class for their courage to stand in front of an audience and sing and speak.

In our playground we have a vege garden that Mrs Marshall helped us to plant. Although the sunflowers are a little sad (they have died because the birds have been feasting), the watermelon is growing really well. We have about five or six watermelons growing and we are eagerly watching them each day waiting for them to be ripe enough to eat.

In class, our literacy focus has been ‘Work on Writing’. We have looked at the importance of punctuation such as capital letters and full stops for the Pre-Primary students and for the Year 1 students we have been talking about the use of other punctuation, such as exclamation marks and question marks. This has also been reflected in our reading as we learn to read with more expression. The Kindergarten students have been learning the first set of letter sounds and how to write their name correctly.

In Maths we have been focusing on addition concepts. This has included ‘different ways to make 5 and other numbers’ (subitising) for the Pre-Primary students and addition strategies such as counting on and using a number line for Year 1. The Kindergarten students have been focusing on number formation and collections up to 5.

Our Science program is well underway and we have been having great fun as zoologists (animal scientists) and entomologists (bug scientists). The students have started designing a habitat for an animal or bug as part of their on going understanding of what an animal needs to survive. We will be making dioramas of our habitats in Week 9 and 10 of this term.

Ms Sandra Oelofse
K-1 Teacher
[email protected]

Year 2-3 Class

The Year 2-3 students have had an eventful fortnight with an excursion as well as an incursion facilitated by the Armadale History House Museum. Whilst examining celebrations and cultural practices of Aboriginal cultures across Australia, this excursion also focussed on the children learning about Aboriginal communities in the Armadale area and significant Noongar leaders from Perth. The children also learnt a few Noongar terms for animals, tools and bush tucker. Of the activities organised for the day, learning a dance routine that represented the movements of native animals and rock painting using Aboriginal symbols were definitely our most favourite!

Upon concluding our series of lessons on indigenous cultures, for the next few weeks the students will be looking at the different community groups represented in the Armadale area. The incursion earlier this week introduced the children to learning about migrants and how they have contributed to the development of our community. The children learned about the various ‘waves of migration’ to Armdale, including the Chinese migrants during the gold rush, the ‘10 pound’ migrants from England, Italian and Dutch immigrants and the more recent ‘wave’ from Africa and the Indian subcontinent. It was wonderful for the children to hear stories of several migrants including that of the owner of the popular Han’s Restaurants and a personal recount from our facilitator, an English immigrant who arrived in Australia with her family under the ‘10 Pound Scheme’.

IMG_6473.JPG IMG_6461.JPG
IMG_4297.JPG IMG_4294.JPG IMG_6474.JPG

Mrs Akila Senanayake
Year 2-3 Teacher
[email protected]

Year 4-6 Class

It’s been a busy few weeks for us as we have looked at the different writing genres - fictional narratives, personal recounts and procedures. The children have really enjoyed using various descriptive adjectives and sentence openers to improve their writing quality, with regard to narrative and recount. Besides this, they have linked their Design and Technologies research on making egg and bacon sandwiches for the whole school with money maths. This topic was then extended to a procedural recipe writing on how to prepare the sandwiches for 38 students.

The introduction of all the Daily 5 choices has been a hit in our classroom! Students are eager to work on their spelling words through one of the Daily 5’s – ‘Word-Work’, where they can learn their words in a fun and interactive way. The Daily 5 ‘Read-to-Someone’ is another popular choice consisting of reading aloud to a partner and buddies coaching each other on what reading strategies to apply to better understand the text.

In Mathematics, the Year 4 students have done a lot of practice on subtraction strategies, particularly on regrouping and solving multi-step subtraction questions. We have also looked at more practical problem solving, such as calculating change from money. Currently, we are working on times table facts, solving multiplication word problems and mental multiplication strategies. Meanwhile, the Year 5 and 6 students have been focusing on decimal numbers (tenths, hundredths, thousandths) and their connection to fractions. They have now moved onto more advanced mental multiplication strategies.

In Art, students have shown a pleasing interest in the new art technique called ‘Pointillism’ and have produced beautiful, awe-inspiring art pieces on the theme of Desserts.

In Science, we have also been exploring if gases take up space. The students were asked to submerge a cup stuffed with tissues underwater and observe if the water entered the cup. Thankfully, our results showed that the tissues stayed dried, which proved that gases indeed take up space! This week, we also experimented with the evaporation of liquids and diffusion of gases.

Ms Demetria Yong
Year 4-6 Teacher
[email protected]

Chinese Language Program

I am so glad this year to have the opportunity to live in Perth and become a member of ACC Darling Downs, with responsibility for teaching students the Chinese language.

From my initial observations, the students are both willing and eager to learn the Chinese language. They are active in class, speaking Chinese at every opportunity.

The program that I will be running this year will involve activities such as Chinese song, character writing and Chinese storytelling, with a particular focus on students engaging in the use of the language to communicate orally with other students.

After-school Chinese Language Club was a highlight for me this week. I am so appreciative of the support that parents are giving through having the children participating in the club. The children’s smiling faces and happy voices tell me that they are definitely enjoying the class.

Finally, a little about me. Until recently I was living on a University campus in Shanghai, completing a Master’s degree. Shanghai is a very large city with a very busy and competitive lifestyle. It was good to study in Shanghai, but I am now enjoying living and working in Perth.

再见 (zài jiàn)
Ms Yi Wen
Chinese Language Tutor
[email protected]  


Week 7

  • Tuesday 14th March: Interm swimming commences (14th to 24th March, 1.15pm start)
  • Tuesday 14th March: Chinese Language Club, 3.15pm to 3.45pm
  • Wednesday 15th March: Choir & Drama Club, 3.15pm to 3.45pm
  • Thursday 16th March: Sport Training - CANCELLED
  • Friday 17th March: Harmony Day Assembly & Morning Tea

Week 8

  • Tuesday 22nd March: Chinese Language Club, 3.15pm to 3.45pm
  • Wednesday 22nd March: Choir & Drama Club, 3.15pm to 3.45pm
  • Thursday 23rd March: Sport Training - CANCELLED
  • Friday 24th March: Interm swimming concludes