From the Principal

As I write, the close of the second week of Term 1 is about to occur. The days have passed quickly, but I am encouraged by the way our students have quickly settled to their work. As principal of the College I wish to extend my appreciation to all parents for your assistance in this. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to make contact with me on 0407 313 999.

I would like to welcome again to our staff team Mrs Scherpenzeel who is initially (Term 1) working four days a week in the Office (Monday to Thursday). I also extend a warm welcome to Ms Yong who is taking the Year 4-6 class. Our new UWA Chinese language tutor is due to commence with us next week, and I welcome Ms Wen on campus for 2017. Finally, a warm welcome to our new families who have joined us in 2017. Thank you for joining the College.

Term 1 Calendar

Last week I emailed families our calendar of events for Term 1. If you would like a printed copy please ask Mrs Scherpenzeel in the Office.


Our ‘Uniform Shop’ is now based in Sydney. We have in the front office sample sizes for students to try on before placing an order. Two matters stand out at this time. The first being the importance of ordering a full tracksuit and a formal jumper. Temperatures can suddenly drop and it is important that students have warm uniform items to wear. Secondly, a note on shoes - with regard to our Sport Uniform I ask that students wear ‘white’ sports shoes and plain white socks. For our Formal Uniform I ask that students wear ‘black’ leather dress shoes and ACC socks.

After-school Co-curricular Program

Our after-school program is underway with only the Chinese program to commence on Wednesday, 22 February. Choir & Drama Club (Tuesday 3.15-3.45pm); Chinese Language Club (Wednesday 3.15-3.45pm); and Sport Training (Thursday 3.15-4.15pm - Bus departure 4.20pm)


Each class is scheduled this term to present a class assembly. The Years 2-3 class will present their assembly on Friday 17th February at 9.00am. All parents and friends are welcome to support students.

Yr 2-6 Excursion - Winqin Art Troupe Performance

On Tuesday 14th February there is an opportunity for our students to attend a performance by the Winqin Art Troupe which is being held at Oberthur Primary School in Bull Creek. The performance commences at 9.15am which will require us to have our bus leave at 8.30am.

May I place a special request for this day that Year 2-6 students are at school by 8.25am. I met with the Principal from Oberthur Primary School and the performance promises to be something quite special.

Finally, thank you for all who were able to attend our Parent Information Evening, and to Brendan and Michael who assisted with the BBQ. Thank you for making it a most enjoyable evening.

With kind regards,

John Matthews
[email protected]

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 14th February - Yr 2-6 Excursion - Winqin Art Troupe Performance (Bus leaves 8.30am)

Term Dates - 2017

  • Term 1: Wednesday 1st February to Friday 7th April
  • Term 2: Wednesday 26th April to Friday 30th June
  • Term 3: Tuesday 18th July to Friday 22nd September
  • Term 4: Tuesday 10th October to Wednesday 6th December

K–1 Class

What a great start to the year!

This year we have started our literacy rotations using the Daily 5 program. This is a strategy that is implemented to assist the students to develop their reading and writing skills called the ‘Daily 5’. This method includes 5 focus areas: ‘Read to self’, ‘Read to someone’, ‘Work on writing’, ‘Word work’ and ‘Listen to reading’. During our literacy block the class will work on each area. Each area will be introduced slowly so that the students have the opportunity to develop confidence before moving on. The previous program continues until all 5 areas are introduced. So far the students have practiced ‘Read to self’ ‘Word Work’ and ‘Work on writing’. This replaces ‘Silent reading’ and provides students with focus lessons such as ‘the three ways to read a book’ to help them build stamina when sitting quietly and reading.

In Mathematics we will be using a similar program to the Daily 5 called Daily 3. This provides three focus areas for maths ‘Maths by myself’, ‘Maths with someone’ and ‘Maths writing’. So far we have worked on ‘Maths by myself’ and ‘Maths writing’. The topics that we are studying are ‘Numbers to 5’ for the Kindy students, ‘Numbers from 0-20’ for Year 1, including place value and ‘Shapes’ for Pre-Primary students.

In the coming weeks we are going to look at positional language and addition concepts in Maths. In Literacy we will be looking at the structure of narratives.

Ms Sandra Oelofse
K-1 Teacher
[email protected]

Year 2-3 Class

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

It has been a wonderful start to the term and the Year 2-3 students have had a smooth run with settling back into our daily class routines. We continue to follow the Daily 5 framework during our literacy block and it is delightful to see the children engage in the reading, writing and vocabulary building activities with increasing independence.

In Mathematics, the first unit of work introduces the place value of numbers up to 1,000 and 10,000 for Year 2 and 3 students respectively. The Year 3 students have also started learning multiplication tables and may I ask that this is reinforced at home as being able to instantly recall multiplication tables plays an important role in their understanding of a range of mathematical concepts throughout their school years. In the classroom, learning multiplication tables will not be limited to rote learning but will involve hands-on activities to assist children to understand the inverse relationship between multiplication and division and apply their knowledge effectively to real life concepts such as sharing, handling money and estimating.

This week the students also completed the first round of the ACER Comprehension and Mathematics assessments and the results are most pleasing. I look forward to discussing your child’s progress, strengths and learning goals during the learning review meetings which will be held in week 5.


Mrs Akila Senanayake
Year 2-3 Teacher
[email protected]

Year 4-6 Class

We have launched our first Daily 5 literacy structure of ‘Read-to-Self’ since the commencement of the term. For the following weeks, students will be working on increasing their stamina in independent reading. In anticipation of reaching our targeted time, this will lead us to the next Daily 5 involving building independence in writing.

The class has also been able to explore properties of solid, liquid and gas objects in Science. Working in teams, the children have learned how to carry out fair investigations and conducted experiments to determine the viscosity of different liquid samples.

Learning about portraits in Visual Art and mixing colours on the colour wheel has been engaging for the children. Students enjoy creating their own self-portraits that reflect their own personal environments, particularly when classical music is played softly in the background.

Ms Demetria Yong
Year 4-6 Teacher
[email protected]   

Chinese Language Program

The Chinese New Year holiday season in China is almost over and with this our new UWA Chinese language tutor will commence on campus next week. Joining us for 2017 is Ms Wen who will be on our campus two days each week. Last night I met with Ms Wen and Mr Chu, who coordinates the UWA-CI Chinese language staff, in preparation for Ms Wen’s commencement. On behalf of our school community I extend a warm welcome to her. Ms Wen will bring with her the results of the YCT test sat by seven of our students at the end of Term 4, 2016.

Last year as a College we made great progress with many of our students coming to terms with the basics of the Chinese language and achieving some pleasing personal results. Evident from running the YCT test was the need to ensure that our students are engaged in conversation with the language. It is my hope that this year we will go from strength to strength in this area of the curriculum.

再见 (zài jiàn)

Community News

Armadale Christian Football [soccer] Club

The Armadale Christian Football Club will be taking registrations for the 2017 season in February. We cater for ages 5 years to adult, and would welcome new players, families and coaches! Our games are played on Saturdays (mornings for juniors and afternoons for seniors) and the competition runs from April to September, with training commencing in March. Eligible families can receive Kidsport funding to assist with registration fees.

For further information, please contact Elspeth on 0437 974 685 or [email protected].


Within our school community we have a Parents and Citizens Group, whose purpose is to promote the mission of the school through supporting the school community, its events and raising funds for the school. These funds are used for playground equipment, resources, etc.

We would like to invite you to our first meeting for 2017 to be held on campus, Thursday 23rd February at 3.15am. Afternoon tea will be provided. It would be great to have as many volunteers as possible so we look forward to seeing you there.


Week 3

  • Monday 13th February
    • Assessment - On Entry (PP)
  • Tuesday 14th February
    • Yr 2-6 Excursion - Winqin Art Troupe Performance
      • *Bus leaves campus at 8.30am for Oberthur PS (9.15am)
    • Choir & Drama Club 3.15-3.45pm
  • Thursday 16th February
    • Sport Training 3.15-4.15pm (Bus departure 4.20pm)
  • Friday 17th February
    • Assembly - Years 2-3 (9am)

Week 4

  • Tuesday 21st February
    • Choir & Drama Club 3.15-3.45pm
  • Wednesday 22nd February
    • Chinese Language Club 3.15-3.45pm
  • Thursday 23rd February
    • Sport Training 3.15-4.15pm (Bus departure 4.20pm)
  • Friday 24th February
    • Newsletter Issued (T2W4)